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Special Silent Auction

Mission Mart is busy prepping for a very SPECIAL SILENT AUCTION in store. The auction starts on Monday, April 29th and lasts until Monday, May 6th at 5 p.m. All bids must be made in store at 301 E. Oakland Ave. in Bloomington. Thank You!


Here's a list of auction items to be included:

Jim Shore Collectables 

Angel On Wing Snow Globe Musical Water Globe # 4008848

Contentment Is Divine Angel of Contentment # 4017635

Mother Are Angels on Earth Mother’s Day # 4026

Purrfect Christmas # 4022911

Spring Angel Bell # 4015572

Winter Angel Bell # 4015571

You Have a Heart of Gold Bears # 4009906


Assorted Vintage Dolls

Five Assorted Vintage Sleepy Eye Celluloid Joint Baby Doll 3" Italy

Three Vintage Celluloid Sleepy Eye Jointed Baby Dolls 2 Rattle Italy/1 Japan

 1950's Campbell Kid Doll Ideal Toy Corp.'Magic Skin' Chef's Hat (no shoes)

Mixed Lot Small Japan Doll, Two Tiny Baby Dolls, & Small Rubber Baby Doll Made In W. Germany w/ Case


Boyd’s Bears

4836V  Vanessa

4914V  Mellissa Lynn

4938V  Tami

99526V   C37630  Uncle Gus Honey Bunch

99792V   C83810  Fern Woodsberry w/ Hootle Alvin Tumbles Timothy Pippen

99809V  C59819 McRind w/ Dixie

99811V   C61437  Momma Bearsworth w/ Mary Margaret & Stuart

99811V Hannah Ursala Greta & Sarabeth

99876V  C107172  Mrs. Potter Lil’ Sprouts


Pauline's Limited Edition Dolls Pauline Bjonness-Jacobsen

DELIGHT Pauline's Limited Edition Porcelain Baby Doll #000/3000 C62735

PURITY Pauline's Limited Edition 18" Doll #000/900 C62735 200627

SHELLEY Porcelain Baby Doll Designed By Pauline Bjonnes-Jacobson #000/950


Annette Funicello Collectable Bear Co.

Angel Above C51710

Bear Collector C46282

Blue Belle C39060

Frangelic & Her Angel C39057

Mary Beth C37320

Natale C35782

Nulby C47411

Starla C51712

Twinkle C36744

Felicity C79513

Goldie The 50Th Golden Angel Bear C60730

Katlyn C79514

Lavender Bouquet C55249

Lolli C55254

Pillow Talk C79550

Rosalinda C96107

Twyla C77466 Papal Giftware


Marie Osmond Collector Dolls

2 ~ Merry Kisses Stocking Girl C 3878 848

American Classic Rose Bud C 0960

Bunny Blues

Bunny Love Cherub C 32403

Bunny Love Cherub C 97267

Edrie C 3840

Frannie Fruitbasket Fruit Cup C 23102

Keepsake Valentine Be Mine (black box)

Kiss Someone Keepsake Hershey’s

Lizzy Lemon Fruit Cup C 00627

Queen Elizabeth Rose Bud C 06764

Quilting Cousins Patchwork Patty

Quite A Pair (large doll purple dress blonde hair)

Stacey Strawberry Fruit Cup C 09245

Toddler Lin (Blue Dress Dk. Hair)

Velveteen Rabbit Lots of Love

2 ~ Merry Kisses Stocking Girl C 3878 848

Frannie Fruitbasket Fruit Cup C 23102

Stacey Strawberry Fruit Cup C 09245

Lizzy Lemon Fruit Cup C 00627

American Classic Rose Bud C 0960

Queen Elizabeth Rose Bud C 06764

Greeting Card Dolls:

            Mothers Day

            Valentines Day

            Christmas (Santa Suit/box torn)

            Christmas 1997 (Candycane)


Marie Osmond Collector Dolls Tiny Tots

Baby In My Bonnet C 2096

Santa Baby C 65158

Sugar Cookie C 6528

Farmers Daughter C 2103

Susie C 26730

Kisses C 26145

Tabitha Fairy C 3992

Baby Miracles 2003 C 2622

Helena C 24786

Puppy Love C 24072

Got Milk C 24362

Peek A Boo C 21454

Debbie C 103201

Daisyette C 3841

Suzanne C 0966


Marie Osmond Wizard Of Oz Tiny Tots

Baby Dorothy C 97252

Baby Dorothy C 57095

Tin Man C 97265

Baby Cowardly Lion C 97266

Baby Wicked Witch C 103927

Baby Ginda C 97287




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